2016 Forever House by Tony Abatemarco The Skylight Theatre

.         The Winters Tale Antaeus Classicfest

2015 Shakespeare in the Raw: Macbeth CSU Long Beach

2013 The Master Builder Antaeus Classicsfest

2012 King John Antaeus Classicsfest

         Our Country’s Good Antaeus Classicsfest

         The Love of the Nightingale AMDA LA

2011  The Lucky Chance Antaeus Classicsfest

           Lovers & Madmen AMDA

           The Malcontent Anteus Co. LA

2010 The Malcontent (Marston) Antaeus Classicsfest,

2009 Master Harold and the Boys Cape May Stage NJ

          A Midsummer Night’s Dream CSU Long Beach

2008  Ah Samolo (ad of Noel Coward novel)Antaeus (Coward Young Idea festival)

           Medea Antaeus Classicsfest

           Macbeth NYS Theatre Inst.

2007  Camille (Pam Gems) Theresa Lang Theatre – MMC

           Hamlet TWAS Theatre NYC

           Ordeal By Innocence (premiere of Agatha Christie adapation) NYS Theatre Institute, Troy NY

2006 The Old Law (Middleton & Rowley) Theresa Lang Theatre – MMC

2005 Airborn (Rob Ackerman) revised script EST Octoberfest, NYC

          Airborn (Ackerman) Premeiere NYS Theatre Institute, Troy

2004   Arcadia (Stoppard)Theresa lang Theatre – MMC

2003   The Winter’s Tale Theresa Lang Theatre -MMC

2003   The Rover (Behn)Juggernaut Theatre reading

2002   Four by Pixerecourt Martin E. Segal Theatre – staged readings Gloria Maddox Theatre, NYC

2001   TheExecutioner’s Daughter (Kesselman) – revised Theresa Lang Theatre-MMC

2000   The Lucky Chance (Aphra Behn) MMC Theatre

1998   Hanjo (Mishima) for Threshold Theatre Co.H.E.R.E. NYC

1998   The Executioner’s Daughter (Wendy Kesselman) Theatre @ Sewanee (premiere of new script)

1994    Our Country’s Good (Timberlake Wertenbaker) Minor Latham Playhouse

1992    The Love of the Nightingale (Timberlake Wertenbaker) Minor Latham Playhouse

1990    Hamlet (cast of 16 women and 4 men as The Players) Minor Latham Playhouse

1989    The Rover (Aphra Behn)Minor Latham Playhouse


1995    The Lunatic, the Lover and the Poet Minor Latham Playhouse

1994    Cupids, Kings and Greasy Knights Minor Latham Playhouse

1993    Trespass Sweetly Urged Minor Latham Playhouse

1992    Love and War Minor Latham Playhouse

1991    Shakespeare Minor Latham Playhouse

1990    In Pursuit of Love Minor Latham Playhouse

1989    Heigh, Ho, the Wind and the Rain Minor Latham Playhouse

1988    Sigh No More Ladies Minor Latham Playhouse

(90 minutes pastiches of scenes and monologues from Shakespeare, fully staged)


1980    The Ribadier System Feydeau (own translation) Hudson Guild Theatre