“…director Elizabeth Swain and her confederates at the award-winning Antaeus Company approach the production… with a no-holds-barred broadness that wouldn’t be amiss at a Three Stooges festival… Swain’s effervescent staging anchors the action… a ‘Jacobean poetry slam.’ It’s an apt description for this bawdy, waggish and surprisingly contemporary evening.”
F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

“GO! … Adapted from the original and directed by Elizabeth Swain, this spirited production does not disappoint.”
Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

“…a frequently hilarious 408-year-old satirical comedy-drama with more than a dash of Monty Python bawdiness, particularly as performed by the gifted classical actors of North Hollywood’s The Antaeus Company under the inspired direction of Elizabeth Swain.”
Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

“…excellent direction from Elizabeth Swain… highly recommended…t his is a marvelous production of a seldom-seen classic work of theatre that despite its complex poetic language feels fresh, contemporary and accessible.”
Pauline Adamek, ArtsBeatLA

“very entertaining and compelling…”
Katie Buenneke, Neon Tommy

“Elizabeth Swain takes the helm, panning through the impenetrable-on-the-page language to ensure all the actors—and the audience—understand every word and enjoy them. She creates a world simultaneously Jacobean and modern. Her stage pictures are sumptuous tales in themselves.”
Dany Margolies, Backstage

“Antaeus… has proven itself great once again… this is glorious theatre… superb dramaturgy and direction…”
Dale Reynolds, StageHappenings

“With insightful direction by Elizabeth Swain, you may have to see it again and again.” |
Tony Frankel,

“The talented director Elizabeth Swain has pulled the two casts together… See this remarkable company in a superlative production of this seldom-performed play The Malcontent at The Deaf West Theatre. In fact, see it more than once: it will be worth it!”
Robert Machray, StageHappenings

“…the largest bouquet must go to Elizabeth Swain who adapted and directs this masterpiece, brings out the ultimate ability in every cast member and stages it so delightfully, this raunchy romp is a joy to behold.”

“That the characters arrive at a felicitous denouement constitutes a tribute to director Elizabeth Swain, who takes miles of simile, lists of adjectives and mercurial descriptive language and turned the whole into an intelligible–AND entertaining evening of theatre. There is no better acting company now performing in Los Angeles than the double casts assembled on alternate evenings with this challenging play.”
Leigh Kennicott, StageHappenings